Monday, October 26, 2015

Unknown Forgiveness

Sometimes you just don't think you can forgive others because they wronged you. You know without a doubt that you were purposely wronged.

Other times you don't know you need to seek forgiveness because you have unwittingly made mistakes. Maybe because you just were not aware.

Sometimes you want to be forgiven because you know you screwed up big. Whether purposely or through an oversight, you see you made a mistake.

This week has led to some interesting feelings in my life. Feelings that occur even though I was the one that was purposely hurt. I want things to be right. Even though I know I have done nothing wrong, I know saying, "I am sorry" will go a long way. Forgiveness means being interested in people instead of  feelings.

I didn't know I had the capacity to forgive some but this week, with the help of two family members and my Savior, I have the desire to forgive others. Today I have unknown forgiveness.

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