Monday, October 12, 2015

Closed Chapter - Now Choose Your Own Adventure

Growing up as a kid, I hated reading. I hated it so much. Mostly because I wasn't good at it. I tried to rush through the things I was told to read and guess at what words might be. I will never forget when one of my grandparents found out I was having issues.  They sent me some old (and I mean OLD) Nancy Drew books. My Mom would sit and work quietly while I would read to her. She corrected me often because I just didn't care if I got it right. I am sure this time was about as much fun for her as it was for me.

A Nancy Drew book from 1930s which I remember reading.
Since then I have come to love reading - mostly historical books, with the occasional Harry Potter book or Ender's Game-type book woven in there. Church book reading has also become one of my favorites. I have to be in the mood to read. My ADD brain likes to bounce at times around and worry or think about things other than what I am reading. I have read a page without realizing what I have read and then been forced to reread. Sometimes I put a book down and don't pick it up again for a  while. Or maybe never pick it up again because there are better, more interesting things to read.

One of my favorite types of books growing up were from the Choose Your Own Adventure series. You would read and be asked to make one of two decisions and follow the story line by moving through different parts of the book. You could read many different story-lines with one book.

This was one of my favorites!!
Life is very similar to a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Last week I closed a chapter I know I will never have to open again, gratefully. While there was some good, there was a lot of "un-needed adventure" and "poor writing". I learned a lot and grew a ton even though it was painful.

I am grateful to put this book on the shelf and never have to read it again.

I am ready for the next exciting book to read.


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