About Me

Fishgutts currently serves on the District Advancement Committee but has served as a Varsity Coach, Varsity Huddle Commissioner and served on the District Training Committee, but most importantly is a father of a Scout, a Cub Scout and one awesome daughter! 

Fishgutts was a Scout from the age of 8 until 18 earning his Arrow of Life, 50 Miler Award and Eagle Scout.  Most of his time in Cub Scout was done in the country of Panama.  He earned his Duty to God and Faith in God awards.  As a Scout, most of his success was because of his Mother and Father.  Fishgutts was able to see lots of different Scout units because of his father service in the military.  He is also an Ordeal member of the Order of the Arrow.

Fishgutts graduated from Alamogordo High School in New Mexico.  He participated in the American Legions New Mexico Boy’s State program.  He served a mission for the LDS Church in Alaska.  He earned a BA in Criminology at UT.  He currently works for a medical practice as a Medical Coder.  Fishgutts’s hobbies include geocaching, Munzee-ing and loves attending baseball games.  He loves cold weather!

Fishgutts’s scout training includes his attendance at Wood Badge.  He has also staffed multiple times.  He has earned his Varsity Scout Leader Training Award and is working on his Varsity Scout Coach’s Key.  He is a trained Varsity Huddle (Roundtable) Commissioner and earned the Arrowhead Honor.  He also has attended EDGE Training through the Council.  He just earned the adult On My Honor Award.

Fishgutts’s greatest joy, besides his family, comes with working with the youth of the LDS Church and Scouts everywhere whether Scout related or not.

I was forced into retirement after 6 years as a Varsity Coach. I am now serving my second tenure as an Assistant Scoutmaster (the first one probably doesn't count since it was short and ineffective but I sure tried).