Tuesday, November 10, 2015

12+ Hours of Mental Toughness

Friday night at 9 PM I know where I will be...... And I know where I will be all night. It won't be in my bed.

It will be a long, sleepless night and morning with heavy weight on my back and about 20 of my newest friends to celebrate Veteran's Day in a very special way--by being tortured physically. I regretted signing up for this event as soon as I paid half price for it. I will not be in my comfort zone.

Unlike my last event though, I am less scared even though I know I am going to get physically smoked more than ever I ever have before.* I am a smarter packer, a better foot taper (to alleviate blisters) and more strong willed. The Cadre will not get me quit. I will not quit on myself or my team.
I won't be the fastest. I won't be the slowest.
I won't be the strongest. I won't be the weakest.
I won't ever give up on myself or my team.
This isn't about me.
Grateful for those who served and grateful for those who I personally know that served me.

So here is to hoping it is only a 12 hour event instead of 15 but either way I am smashing it even if I have to crawl to complete it.

*I am pretty sure it will be worse than Carry the Load but ready to embrace the suck.

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