Sunday, August 23, 2015

Things I have learned while sub'ing in Nursery

Since about February I have been substituting in Nursery. I am glad the Bishopric have taken their time to call another teacher. MF and I have had a blast in there!! I have served in the Nursery once before and loved it then. I still love it!! Here is what I have learned so far.
  1. My white shirt makes an awesome tissue for buggers.
  2. My black Docker pants makes an awesome tissue for buggers.
  3. My white shirt and pants usually get washed every week at least twice to make sure they are bugger-free.
  4. Dodgeball and Nursery do mix.
  5. Some kids you can hit harder than others. It only takes one session of dodgeball to learn who is who.
  6. Kids listen to their teachers.
  7. Kids don't listen to their teachers.
  8. Army crawling with 4-5 Nursery kids on your back is harder than it appears.
  9. You look like a bum when you do Army crawls in a white shirt and pants in Nursery.
  10. Kid bench presses are a good way to keep them happy.
  11. Those kids in Nursery have sweet spirits. They can be temperamental and disobedient at times but I love them all and am sad I won't get to serve with them every Sunday when they call a new teacher.
I know my time is short in Nursery. I have had a blast and am grateful I was asked to fill in!! I don't look forward to going back to the adult classes because they don't play dodgeball.

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