Thursday, August 20, 2015

My Mom and a Rescheduled Eagle Board of Review

There are a lot of things I am embarrassed that I did as a kid. One of them is the way I treated my Mom. I was horrible to her especially as my Dad was away on assignments for the military. She broke a handful of wooden spoons on my behind. I deserved it plus more. I even punched my Mom in the arm once. Not my most shining moment. It wasn't premeditated but that in no way excuses my behavior at all. You don't ever, ever hit your Mom. I yelled at her constantly and raised my voice often. Often my Mom would call my Dad and then hand the phone to me so he could "talk to me" in a very loud tone. Never fun. 

Recently I climbed out of my car to do an Eagle Board of Review. In the parking lot a boy was yelling at his mother. My gut reaction was "If this is my Eagle Board, we need to reschedule so he can think about what he did." This boy was my candidate. I called my boss, I talked to Mom and Dad and I talked to the Scout. I explained I was concerned about his actions. He took no accountability for his actions and explained it was his Mom's fault. Either way I asked Mom and Dad multiple times if rescheduling would hurt or help this boy. Both said help.

6 days later I met this boy again with Mom and Dad to hold his Eagle Board of Review. This boy was totally different. I met with Mom and Dad again ahead of time and explained some of the things I had done to my Mom and just wanted to get their son's attention. His Mom and Dad started crying thanking me for trying to help. Both explained that this has been a wake up call for their son. I hope the lesson sticks. I also hope I continue to get those gut feelings to help others.

After talking with Mom and Dad I went to talk to the Scout to tell him we was going to get a fair Eagle Board of Review. And he did. His Scout Spirit was different on try #2. He is a good kid. Hopefully he changes for good.

I know I have.

My Mom, a wood spoon and I!

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