Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 13th, 1997 and August 15, 1997

13th -

I went tracting with Iuta and Eddington in a trio tonight. I maced a freaking goose. It chased all three of us so I put a stream right over it's head. It started choking and went away. All three of us went away laughing.

15th -

Goals for the rest of my mission:
  1. Be patient and don't stress out.
  2. Be positive in all I do!
  3. Alma 26:22
  4. Don't be like D&C 121:39
  5. Magnify my calling.
  6. Don't complain!
  7. Repent.
  8. Smile more.
  9. Stay happy.
  10. Stay motivated.
  11. Stay focused.

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