Friday, July 17, 2015


I have never cared much about LDS Church history other than cool stories about Porter Rockwall until I was invited to attend Nauvoo with our youth group. As with what seems to be normal life right now, I was unsure about whether my kids would be allowed to come with me but a wise man allowed them to come with me and experience this trip. I am eternally grateful they were allowed to come and especially those who offered prayers in our behalf.

Like most of life's current experiences I tried to find something other away from this trip other than just a vacation. Here is what I learned:
  • A Ward is a family - good, bad and ugly. Mostly good though. Had a great time with an adopted family. My daughter really needed the time with this family more than I as she has struggled with some girls in the ward as she is being judge for "who her dad is" with the current drama. She is a handful but she is my handful and I love her!!
  • I would have been killed by the mob. I am a smart mouth, emotional loud mouth. I wouldn't have been patient as I was chased by the mob. I would have been killed. Yet currently my family is being attacked by an emotional and spiritual type of mob. I am being patient and following counsel I have been given to be calm.
  • My kids are ridiculous. They amaze me. It was great to go into the Temple with my kids and baptize them - two of which had not done baptisms in the Temple. My daughter was obvious very touched as she would not let me go after she was done. I have lived in that moment a lot since I have come home from Nauvoo. A lot. Anyone that doesn't believe I love my kids just doesn't know me.
  • The Temple and Church have been a hard place for me to be recently. My belief in eternal families and eternal companions has been a bit shaken as of late - I haven't had the best of luck. Our Church and its members preach this belief A LOT. Because of this new perspective/pain, I have a new compassion for single members, single parents and kids of single parents/non traditional homes when they hear things an might get the impression that they are less because they are not "traditional". John 14:2 talks about many houses and one of the things I take from this is that not one of Father's children are going to experience a cookie cutter life like the person next to them. There is a room/house for all of us - single, married, divorce, divorced more than once, broken, fixed, white, blue, brown, male, female, kids, adult,.....whatever. Whatever we are, there is a room/house for us. When we stop comparing ourselves to others and accept who we are and where we are in life, we win. I am almost there. I was especially touched when one of the Sister missionaries giving us a tour talked about the only thing we can do perfectly in this life is trying. Ain't that the truth?!? I am trying!!
  • There are always opportunities to serve. Look for them. Simple is usually the best.
  • I was reminded again I am not forgotten about by Him.
I am glad I went. I wouldn't trade this trip for any amount of money. I laughed a lot, I got away from where I am in life for a few days and had an opportunity to just relax and catch my breath.

Kids and I in front of the Christus.
CE and I in front of the Kansas City Temple.

CE, ST and I making the Temple look good!!
Nauvoo Temple!

Nauvoo Temple with a great sunset.
Photobombed by Bishop.
Our Nauvoo Brick!

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