Tuesday, July 28, 2015

BSA Executive Committee Decision

Alright, this is just some dude talking. I have no expertise. I only speaking for my heart and what limited stuff I know.

I first would like to address some LDS Scouters who FOR YEARS STILL have been talking about how the LDS Church is going to be leave the BSA for this reason or that reason and because of this myopic belief have delivered a less than stellar Scouting program - you are still accountable for your Scouting program until when/if the LDS Church leaves the Boy Scouts of America. Till then, zip it buddy. Spreading your Mormon gossip is shortsighted especially since I have been hearing the same garbage since I was in Scouts over 20 years ago. Until Tommy speaks, you have no clue what the Church is going to do.

I am sure in my 6 years of Scouting in a very large Council I have befriended a Scout or a Scout leader that is a homosexual. I don't think any less of them. I have met countless Scouts and Scout leaders through Wood Badge and District Round Tables. If I like you, I like you - it has nothing to do with your sexual orientation or even your belief that the BSA Executive Committee Decision is right or wrong. Whatever side of this you fall on, we can be civil. A difference of opinion isn't a bad thing.

The Executive Committee has put a ridiculous amount of stress on local units now putting them in the cross hairs of anyone who wants to sue because "their standards are different than mine".  As a statement on society as a whole - I continue to be mystified about how we continue to preach how we must be diverse but still can't seem to understand that some want all the same "blessings" others have. Life will never be fair. We should never withhold basic rights from anyone (and yes, we probably disagree on what are basic rights) but admittance into a program isn't a basic right whether it be because of sexual orientation or whatever other reason. Why would anyone want to be a part of an organization that they feel is trying to exclude them anyways? If I wanted to be a Priest I surely wouldn't expect them to change the rules for me just because I disagreed on this belief or that belief.

I also understand the side of loving something and not being included. Those who have been vocal about who they believe they are and being cut off surely can't be an enjoyable experience. I just don't know if there is a middle ground to make everyone happy. Is that even possible? I tend to think not. Just my very purblind thoughts.

Whether the LDS Church will leave the BSA is for the Church to decide. I no longer lead a local unit and work at the District level so I am more inclined to stay in the BSA but until I know what everyone is doing and why, I won't decide. I will keep my head down, help my Scouts in my local unit and continue to help boys with their Eagle Projects and do their Eagle Board of Reviews. After all, it is about the boys - helping them be better men.

This I also believe. There are good people on each side of this. From the Boy Scout Handbook 11th edition: [A Scout] respect the beliefs of others. From the Interfaith Worship Service class I taught at Wood Badge 107: [We should] create an environment where all feel free to worship and share the way they worship.
Let us all be civil.