Friday, July 31, 2015

3 Weeks, Accountability and feeling loved

For me as I have lost a decent amount of weight and been a bit healthier, a work out partner has been key. A Fitbit has helped, posting my daily stats to Facebook has helped (because some have asked me why I haven't hit my daily goals), portion control has helped, learning to say no to foods that I LOVE has helped and learning to treat food like fuel instead of a replacement for comfort to drama of x, y and z but my main success has come because I know someone is going to be waiting for me at 5 AM to work out--and J has been waiting for me for almost 3 years. I think that is right--and mind you 4:30 in my book is still the previous night. Or knowing someone is going to be waiting for me at 5:30, 6 or 6:30 or a Facebook group that wants to hear how I am doing on my Couch to 5K program. Accountability is the key!! At least for me it is.

My regular accountability partner has been out of town for about 3 weeks due to vacation and work. The first day I didn't even get out of bed to work out and I was again reminded I need that daily motivation of knowing someone is waiting on me to show up. I knew I was in serious trouble especially with my personal upcoming events. So through the power of Facebook and Church I found another to endure long walks with me while I carried heavy weights. The company of A was great! The heat and humidity and the 30 pound cast iron plate strapped to my back sucked. Eventually you just get used to the weight but at times mentally it is always there.

My 5th Fitbit. I destroy them with ease.
Sweat stain from only half way through 10 miles today.

This 3 weeks with A as my workout partner has been interesting because:
  • Blood blisters the size of Texas. I am getting really good at taping my feet to prevent blisters. Leukotape and Benzoin tincture swabs have become my best friends due to my very soft, supple feet.
  • Multiple attempts by drivers to kill us with their cars. Eldorado is a deathtrap for those on foot.
  • Heat and humidity that only can be described as stupid hot. When you wake up at 5 AM it should NOT be 80 degrees outside. Bring on the winter.
  • A 40 pound backpack is flippin' heavy. These plates are going to make a huge difference in my training and I am glad to be done with the bulky bricks especially when you can put messages on them with a paint Sharpee.
  • There is a huge, HUGE difference in getting up at 4:30 AM and 5 AM. Seminary has nothing on my wake up time.  

Spend the time to watch this video and you will understand this - don't let life ring your bell (and it isn't the bell you would think it is). Don't personally ring your bell. Find a partner in all their available shapes and sizes and allow them to help you while you help them. Encourage your workout partner to break through their barriers all the time standing by their side. Challenge them to check something off their bucket list like doing a triathlon. Get out there and wear through a pair of shoes.

I have said this so many times but I am grateful for all the help I have gotten in the many ways I have received it. The past 11 months have been very unique and a significant portion of this trial will be over soon with what appears a decent resolve. I can't wait for that freedom! I have had more good friends step up to encourage and support my children and I, discovered new friends who also encouraged and supported my children and I, spent more time with family than I have in a long time, Skype'd more with family than I ever have before, spent time on my knees, spent time reading Good Books, opened my eyes to see Higher Help, realized I am nothing, realized I am something, looked at the past, looked at the potential for the future and seen that I am my own worst critic (and semi repented). If you have been part of that, been my workout partner at any time or both - I appreciate you.

J and B - you guys have been ridiculous good friends. Thanks for making sure my kids and I got to Nauvoo. That trip was definitely for us.
E and M - you married good guys. Thanks for including me in your family activities and feeding me. Cooking for one SUCKS!!! Thanks for trying to help fix things.
A - thanks for the 3 weeks of different workouts and conversation.
J and L - thanks for the listening ear and unconditional love when I have felt like a failure.
A, C (sometimes called I) and S - you too.
J - thanks for the advice and the lawyer. She is a freaking bulldog.
C and J - thanks for the learning opportunities to remind me what I want.

I know I could go on and on but I am bound to forget someone so I will just stop. I feel loved.

Upcoming personal events:
  • Goruck Light DFW September 12th to commemorate September 11th.
  • Tough Mudder October 2nd
  • 5K on November 7th
  • Goruck Tough DFW November 13th - this event actually has me more scared than the triathlon.
  • Olympic distance Triathlon in October 2016

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