Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Church Training

I just received email from my local Church leaders that says they won't be training us this year because they spent all last year "getting to know us" and that took a lot of time.  What the crap..........???

I know I am a complainer but this is ridiculous.  It is one thing to be train me poorly.  It is another thing to just tell me you are not going to train me at all because "it will take too much time".


Eric the Half-bee said...

Amazing. 4Ts, anyone? Or can we just truncate it to one? We don't need no Training, nor Time, and especially not Tenure. All you need is Testimony, nothing else, right? Is that really the guidance coming from SLC (I guess I could walk around the corner from my office and ask).

I fear that we may be joining the greater culture and raising boys who "know" what's true, but won't be able to function as real people in a real world. Thank goodness for public schools that don't have to put up with this garbage of "we don't actually need to follow the plan" and actually expect a minimal level of competence from kids and teachers, and for teachers that often go out of their way for kids whose other grown up influences don't work.

Fishgutts said...

My Stake is a bunch of spoiled brats. The girls don't really camp for Girls Camp and everything is planned for them. Scouts have to receive approval for their High Adventures which gets all over me when I think about the philosophy of "boy lead". When did these adults who they see twice a year get a say in their High Adventure? It is like big brother is always looking over my shoulder. And the funny thing is that it isn't the Stake President. It is his counselor that is like OVER THE TOP who tried to cancel High Adventures one year due to Trek. I am not sure why the SP allows this but time is coming for new leadership. Meeting next month with two surrounding Stakes probably for a new Stake and possibly a new Stake President. Unfortunately either way, things are not going to change quickly.

I just can't grasp their outright "we won't be training" you philosophy. I mean the handbook says: "Orient, encourage, support, instruct and train yearly (at least) (15.4.1). I have seen 3 Stake YMP through their "terms" and I have only been trained once....and that was more along the lines of "we want to make sure you are doing Duty to God with the boys."

I guess I should look at this as a blessing as I can't stand big brother......