Thursday, January 17, 2013

Being a Good Troop Guide

I got this email from one of my participants (Antelope Patrol!!) about a friend that was going to be Troop Guide and asked for some guidance.  Her email and my reply is below.

I have had a lady in our district email me about tips for being a TG for Woodbadge.  She is signed up to be a TG for WB.  I told her that I would email her the things that I thought were great about you.  The things that you did to make us feel welcomed and helping us out.  Stuff like that.  I also told her that I would ask you if you had any tips that you would be willing to pass on.  She is our Cub Fun Day Chairperson.    If you are willing, you could either email them to me and I can forward them to her or you could email them to her directly.  Let me know if you can.  Thanks so much.  I hope that everything is going well. I will talk with you soon.   
Antelope L

My reply:

I think the most important thing is to make sure you love your patrol and it shows.  I really mean that.  Your presentations that you give to them could suck eggs but as long as your patrol knows you would go to the end of the world for them, nothing else matters.  Take active interest in who they are and what they know and can teach you.  I think being mindful of the madness of the first three days is important too.  Watch them and look for physical clues when they are not paying attention as to what they are going through (that first weekend is nuts!!).  Learn their weaknesses and their strengths.  Never speak badly of them EVER!!!  Go to bat for them if the opportunity arises even taking the blame if needs be.  Remember that those participants are yours.  You are their Wood Badge parent.  Look after them like they are yours!!

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