Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I know I have been really negative lately but my own unit, while not perfect, is doing extremely well.

Starting January 30th, they will be focusing a while month on Duty to God.  While this is a spiritual venture, it is also a Scouting venture and I am glad that these boys see the importance of their spiritual side in Scouting. My boy leaders again while not perfect are the best I have ever had.  They still don't plan as well as I wish but I am extremely glad I have them.  They think outside the box and try to include everyone.  I also have had a ton of fun as a leader lately.

I was discussing in a correlation meeting this week about how I am now officially glad that my unit is limited to less than 10 boys.  That way I can get to know them!!

Next year I will be receiving some special needs boys.  I am a bit scared and intimidated.  I already know them as one of their Church advisers but don't directly teach them.  I see myself struggling with them but I am up for it.

I also super excited about my current Wood Badge course as three out of seven participants have completed their tickets.  And I am super excited to be participating in a new course!!

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