Tuesday, September 25, 2012

HAM in 6 days

Saturday my wife and I doubled dated with my son's Scoutmaster and his wife.

He handed me a HAM Radio book and told me I had 6 days to cram for the test because I will be taking the test this coming up Saturday.  It has something I have been telling my wife I wanted to do for YEARS but because of Scouting, I have not had the time.

So instead of allowing me to put it off any longer, the Scoutmaster, the Varsity Coach and the Venturing Adviser are all taking the test next week after cramming for a week.  We plan on integrating the HAM radios into the our High Adventure next year now that we are doing it.

Cram, cram, cram, cram.......................that is what my life is going to sound like for the next week.  But I am glad to have some motivation to do it.  Found a free book on the web and another free website with all the test questions to practice.  I know nothing about Ohmz and volts and MHz but I hope I kill it.

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