Monday, September 24, 2012

Covered with mud

Ever feel like you can't do something?  That is how I felt back in January/February when I decided to start participating in mud runs/5K races.  I didn't think I could do it.  I still have concerns about Tough Mudder in 2 weeks.  12 miles and 20 obstacles including two that will electrically shock me doesn't sound like fun.  But in the same breath, I want to try something I don't know if I can do.  I want to be able to believe that I can do anything within reason even if I am not in perfect shape.

This past weekend I started with a 5K mud run.  My first mud run but not my first 5K.  I did a 10K in July that absolutely sucked my soul out of my body.  I didn't want to run again.  But I did.  So this is what I looked like after the race.  Next week I have a regular 5K followed by a quick drive to a neighboring Stake to take a HAM radio test (more tomorrow).  It is going to be a crazy week and crazy weekend.

Tough Mudder is in two weeks.  19.3 K has never, EVER sounded so far.  I met a guy at this race that did the Tough Mudder at the beginning of the year and he said he would never do it again because it was so difficult.  And he was in so much better shape than me!!  I will end up dead in two weeks.

So after this event I asked myself what I learned from this event.

  • I learned that doing something is more in your head than in your body.  You may be soar but you can still do whatever you want.  You just may do it slower.
  • You may help others who in turn cannot help you.  I helped plenty of people over walls but who couldn't help me.  Either way, I am glad I helped them with their experience.  
  • Mud runs are more a team building event than a solo event.  It pays to work in groups!!  (My buddies cancelled on me Friday night - one had a death in the family and the other was sicker than a dog.  So I did the event by myself.)  I won't lie that I was a bit frightened to take this adventure by myself but I could have not gone.  I chose to go anyway by myself.
  • Getting muddy is fun!  You smell HORRIBLE afterwards but it is fun as an adult to get dirty.
  • Don't be afraid to do things you are scared to do.  (Please see picture below.  Didn't know I was scared of heights till I hit the top of this wall.)
  • I need to train some more.  Even after Tough Mudder.  My next goal is to do the Tough Mudder again next year here in DFW area with my sister and hopefully more guys.
  • I love the cold but jumping into chest deep cold water is a freakin' wake up call to not only your body but your brain and soul.  (Tough Mudder has this one and as you can imagine I am going to be hating life.)
  • Never stop.  Keep moving.  Even if it hurts.  Moving forward it always better than standing around wanting to move.  
How does this all apply to Scouts?  If a fat man can run a 5K covered 100% in mud trying to climb 25 foot walls, a Scout can do anything.  And I mean anything.  We are only limited by ourselves.

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