Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wow - thanks Penn and Teller

This morning I found out that Bill Birch died.  I went to Youtube and watched his video on his bolo ties.  Then I saw a link for a video by Penn and Teller on the BSA.  WOW.  I am not going to share the link because the language is very salty...............and that is an understatement.  While I appreciate that Penn and Teller have a different view on the BSA, the attack on the Mormon Church for supporting the BSA was over the top.  So I will try to remember that a Scout is kind and not just not comment.

You know I am a huge supporter of the LDS Church as one of its members.  I am also a huge supporter of the BSA as one of its leaders.  I am also a huge critic of the way chosen leader of the LDS Church use/don't use the BSA programs in their units.  The filthy way Penn and Teller present the ideas of the LDS Church and the Boy Scouts of America is ridiculous.  I couldn't afford your tickets in Vegas and now it doesn't even matter if I won the lottery and could.  Enough said.

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