Friday, October 14, 2011

My Teams 2011 Leader Goals

Follows is an email I sent to my parents at the beginning of 2011 about the goals for the Team.

Dear Parents and Teachers:

It is a brand new year and I wanted to share with you some of my goals as your son's Teacher Quorum Adviser and his Varsity Scout Leader.  As always, I would love some input and/or help with any of these goals.  My goals for 2011 are:
  • Help facilitate the creation of list within the ward of merit badge counselors so we have a resource for boys to finish earning their Eagle.
  • Help parents know my expectations for their sons.
  • Give the boys charge of leadership for the Varsity program and Teacher Quorum (Quorum Presidencies will be responsible for planning all activities Quorum and Varsity).  We want a true boy lead program!
  • Hold Teacher's Quorum Presidency meeting at least twice a month.
  • Have leadership training for the whole Quorum/Varsity Team.
  • Don't do anything for a boy that he could do himself so he learns responsibility and takes an interest in the things he is responsible for.
  • Hold Varsity Coach Conferences (similar to Scoutmaster Conferences) with your boys every 3 months.
  • Facilitate parents going to dances to supervise.
  • Continue PROJECT EAGLE by coming to Life Scout's home and meeting with them and their parents to help in the Eagle Project process.  Continue to nudge your son towards Eagle but don't push.  They are at the age where they must do their Scouting for themselves.
  • Encourage each boy wear his proper Varsity Scout uniform and bring his Scout book with him on Wednesdays.
  • Use all Duty to God scriptures in lessons on Sunday so they boys are familiar with the scriptures when passing the program off to their parents.
  • Ensure that lessons are reviewed and studied before coming to class so that the lesson isn't just "thrown together".
  • Help the boys plan quality High Adventures that encourage them to grow.
  • When camping, present a spiritual thought that will cause the boy to think.
I also want to let you know what I have done as the Little Elm Varsity Coach in the past two years to be qualified to be a good and effective Scout leader:
  • Attended Varsity Leadership Specific Training.
  • I have obtained my Youth Protection certificate.
  • Attend Frisco Stake Little Philmont yearly.
  • Attended Circle 10's University of Scouting two years in a row.
  • Attended Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Training (IOLS).
  • Attended Wood Badge and am one ticket away from earning my beads (tickets are like Eagle Scout projects and you must complete 5 to earn your beads).
  • I am the Varsity Huddle Commissioner for Southern Sky District (I train all Varsity Coaches at Roundtable monthly).
  • I serve on the Training Committee for Southern Sky District (I train all new Varsity Coaches when they are called by their wards).
  • I serve on the Advancements Committee for Southern Sky District (I approve all Eagle Scout projects for boys doing them as well as conduct their Eagle Scout Board of Reviews to make sure they have earned the rank of Eagle).  I am very familiar with the Eagle Scout process.
I tell you all these things not to toot my own horn but to show that I am serious about Scouting, that I love Scouting and most importantly that your son deserves a trained Scout leader and is getting one.  I take my calling very seriously.

I only get to spend about 2.5 hours a week with your sons.  It is a small amount of time where I endeavor to make a huge difference.  Sometimes I feel like I am and other times I know I am not.  I love all of your boys and feel concern for them when they struggle.  I hope if anything else that they know that I do love them.  I want them to earn Eagle but in the end if they are just better men because of exposure to the Scouting program, Scouting has done its job.

Some may have noticed that Varsity Scouting isn't about working on getting Eagle in Scout meetings.  This is true.  Varsity Scouting is designed to work more on sports and outdoor skills.  BSA literature teaches that boys should be working on earning their Eagle at home while they are Varsity Scouts.  That being said, I am always available to work with your boy if he needs or wants help.  I have come into many of your homes to discuss the Eagle Scout project process and have yet to follow up due to the holiday and vacation.  Please contact me if you want me to come back and discuss Eagle Scout projects further with your son.

As always, if you need something all you have to do is ask!

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