Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friends of Scouting in the LDS Church

There is tons of controversy in the LDS Church when it comes to the Friends of Scouting.  In my local unit, not only do just the Bishopric give and just myself but the old YMP decided not to give when he was told her could no longer do physicals for Scouts going to Scout Camp (he is a chiropractor).  I tend to agree that he should be allowed to do physicals but that is just my personal oppinion.

Next comes the case of a YMP in a Ward in Utah who was released because he believes that FOS funds go to salaries of BSA employees instead of local Council camp-orships.  He not only felt this way, he decided to "declare it from the rooftops" via an email to the ward.  I tend to think that the YMP should have kept his mouth shut and found a better way of sharing his concerns with the Ward.  He looks like a fool even if I agree with his opinion by the way he did it.  Nothing good comes from standing on top of your soap box.  Here is the article.  Not only was the FOS a problem but the Stake set goals for Wards to contribute $2500 each.  If that were the case in my Stake that would be $30,000.00 in contributions.  I tend to think that members in a ward should "grant" a boy in the ward money to go to Scout Camp but that is my own personal opinion.  I also contribute about $400 personally to the FOS program.  I make my son earn the money he needs for Scout Camp so there is no need for camp-orship.  And I mean work.  No free ride here.

Some argue that the higher-ups at the BSA make too much money.  I am not sure.  I haven't made a decision yet.

Whether you believe or not in the FOS program, check with your local council about where the money is spent.  And then check to make sure they are actually spent there.

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