Sunday, October 16, 2011

Numbers, names, faces and friends

Our Stake President, when discussing Home and Visiting Teaching, chants that we occasionally do things for numbers but then we connect names to them.  Then we connect their names with their faces.  Finally, they are our friends.  At least that is how it is supposed to be.

Numbers  -->  Names  -->  Faces  -->  Friends

It reminds me of a talk I read last night called "What Manner of Men and Women Ought Ye to Be?"  Brother Robbins discusses the "to be" and "to do" and how they are connected.  I love this talk and once you get past the spiritually intellectual part of the talk, it discusses the relationship we have with our children.  It is a great talk when our children (along with us) are having troubles and trials.

In Sunday School recently we discussed 2nd Corinthians and some verses and chapters that talk about these ideas:
  • I share what I have cheerfully as much as I can even if I am poor.
  • Be willing and anxious to give comfort in time of trouble.
  • Pray for others in their times of trouble.
  • Persuade others to believe in Christ.
  • Forgive others and teach others to forgive.
  • Give no offense to others. Be willing to receive hurt rather than give hurt.
  • Repent for the right reason.
OK, so you are probably wondering how this relates to Scouts.  Here it is (at least as I see it).........

Often we worry about the size of our Scout unit (I complain that mine is too small at times).  I worry too much about the numbers.  I would stress out if my unit had 15 boys.  I should be grateful that I know their names and their faces instead of loosing some of that relationships I have with them because the group is too large.  I am grateful that I can be their adult friend that they can confide in which they do. 

I need "to be" a good Scout leader.  I "do" that by getting to know them and building a relationship with them.  I also "do" that by being trained.

Scouting is more than merit badges.  What is the most important resources I have?  My time (I believe Elder Uchtdorf teaches this very thing).  So I share my time with these boys.  It is better than any treat I could buy them or a trip I could take them on.  I should be willing to help them when they struggle.  I pray for them when they struggle and when they are not struggling.  I share my testimony of Christ with them.

In the end it is about the boys.  It is how my relationship is with them and how well I got to know them.  If I don't get to know them on a personal level, I am unable to tailor Scouting and Church lessons to them.  I can't help them become better Men of Christ.  I can't help them learn the lessons offered by Scouting.

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