Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is it about the boy??

Is Scouting about the leaders, the boys or both?  Granted as a leader we should be having fun just like the boys (what is the point of doing stuff with boys if we are going to be such a party-pooper?).  Scouting isn't about the leader.  It isn't about the program.  It is about the boy and his needs.  The great thing about the Varsity Program is flexible enough to adapt to each boys needs.  Without the boy, there would be no program.  There would be no need for the program.  Everything we do, we should be doing for the boys.  I, personally, would be doing things a bit different (at times a TON different) as compared to the boys but this is their training ground.  This is where they will learn to become effective adults.

Something similar is the fact that the other day at a District event it was brought up for the crowd that I had earned my Wood Badge Beads.  Granted it was a huge achievement for me and I am more proud of those beads than my Eagle (no Mom putting a saddle on me and riding me to the finish line of Eagle).  I was so embarrassed when they clapped for me.  I just didn't do it for the applause.  I did it for me and I did it for my boys--so they would have a trained leader.

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