Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Eagle

Our Crew (and Team) got another Eagle on Thursday.  It is a boy I first served with I was called into the Scouting Program.  He was a great kid when I was with him just at times very distracted.  He loves his family very much.  I tracked through 4-5 miles of Dallas boonies bike trails with this boy for his Eagle Scout project and earned 2 blisters because of it.

During our tenure in the YMP we have now had 2 Eagles.  I am so proud of these men.  They are heading off to college and missions.  So weird that over 3 years ago they were Varsity Scouts while I was trying to figure out how the program worked.

There are more Eagles coming relatively soon.

He asked that I present him his Eagle Badge.  I was honored and here is the story I shared before I had his Mom pin him.

The Story of Stephen Wampler

Stephen Wampler took 6 days to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.  El Capitan is twice as tall as the Empire State building (1483 feet X 2).  It took 20000 pulls by his hands to get him to the top.  And for those of you that are into math, he climbed the mountain vertically 4 to 6 inches at a time.  You see, Stephen couldn’t walk to the top of the mountain because he has cerebral palsy.  He had been confined to his wheelchair for a long time.  Stephen had 2 friends along the vertical trail to the top of the mountain.  He didn’t take this challenge on alone.  Not only did Stephen have to overcome the mountain but also his fear of heights.  Stephen’s dedicated family slept at the foot of the sheer mountain he was climbing for six days keeping in contact with him via poor cell phone reception.  His wife constantly worried about him.  His climb to the top of the mountain was so inspiring that a group of Marines decided to meet him at the top.  They climbed the conventional way.  They brought his 10 year old son with them to greet his Dad at the top.  These Marines then showed their charitable love by strapping Stephen to their backs and carried him down the mountain by foot to the rest of his waiting family. 

You, AP, are just like Stephen Wampler.  You climbed the Scouting Mountain at times 4 to 6 inches at a time.  At some times you were running up that mountain.  Your family was there for you to help you and encourage you.  I know you had Mom, Dad, brother and well trained Scout leaders along the way to help you up your Scout Mountain.  Sometimes your parent and leaders strapped you to their back and carried you.  Sometimes they wanted to strap you to their back when you didn’t want to be carried.  Today, just like the day Stephen Wampler finished climbing that mountain, is a great day.  It is a time to reflect and relax but only for a moment.  Today you enter into very small alumni of Eagle Scouts.  But your trek is not over.  Bring an Eagle means some will look to you for more.  Do not fear though.  "What makes a family is not the number of people in it or whether they are related.  More important is that they care for each other and hope to share their lives with one another. - Scout Handbook"  Help is always all around you.  All you need to do is ask that family.  Remember what Grover Cleveland said “Honor lies in honest toil.”  I congratulate you on earning your Eagle.


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