Saturday, August 20, 2011

Follow up to: Why Won't He Just Earn His Eagle

This is a follow up to this blog entry.

Granted I realize that advancement (ie earning your Eagle) isn't the end all be all for Scouting.  It is only one of the methods of Scouting.  My concern was that this boy had done everything but collect his reference letter and was then "putting my EBoR off as long as I can".  There is no wisdom in waiting.  Our District and Council never approve time extensions past the three months.  Get it done.  His Mom tried to help motivate but he waited.

I posed a question to a boy who was 18 and 3 weeks at his Eagle Board of Review (I work on the advancement committee for the District).  I asked him "What would happen if we realized you didn't complete all the requirements before your 18th birthday?"  He just stared and me and you could tell my question got to him.  Better to have some time to fix things than to not.

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