Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silver Beaver

On Sunday I got to meet a Silver Beaver with more experience than I will every have.  30 years in Scouting in many different jobs.  And then the icing of all icings to his cake................

At age 70, he took 6 boys and his adult son to Philmont for a 10 Trek.  I freaked out.  How?  Why?  He did WHAT????

People amaze me.  Scouting is inspired.  Great men should be "shackled" to these Scout callings forever.  If it ain't busted, don't try to break it.  This man is a genealogy consultant for the ward as well as a ham radio expert.  Granted he is 91 but why the heck not put this man in the Scouting program in some shape or fashion?  Egh!  The things the boys could learn from this man!

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Evenspor said...

I met a Silver Beaver once - my grandpa. I did a post about him last year on our family blog for the 100 Years thing, and one of my cousins added this comment: "When I was living in Chicago, I met a man who had been one of grandpa's scouts. He got a little emotional, talking about how much grandpa had taught him through scouting." (Grandpa was a Scouter in California.)

I think any single boy you inspire or influence is just as exciting an achievement.