Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Final Countdown

With the Final Countdown happening, I'm seeing two extremes. 

Some people are panicked, and others have checked out. 

The panicked seem to want to cram it all in and make up for lost time. I say better late than never. I am all for pushing the boys down the path. BUT, and its a big but, we run the risk of pencil whipping or getting boys signed off who didn't really do the work. It is tempting. But it contributes to the overall weakness of the LDS program. We are notorious for having weak eagles. In fact, I've heard a derogatory term "Seagull" Scouts (Seagle Scouts?) to refer to LDS eagles. I have a scout who just turned 18, but he definitely meets that description. As much as we want to push, I hope we do things correctly and not just to get the boys advanced. 

Another discussion are the folks who have the best intention, but have become rules police. I have no problem with following the rules, but if you are going to be a self-appointed cop, make sure you know what you are talking about. Remember the green book is gone, we aren't using it anymore and we aren't held to its rules. 

On the other side are those who have checked out. If you are in that position and have no desire to do scouting anymore, please get out. Ask to be released. The boys deserve more from you. If you are willing, but unable to fulfill your calling, please ask to be released. The boys deserve a full program. 

I'm not. To quote what ever genius first said it, "Lead, Follow, or get out of the way." These boys deserve the best program we can deliver. Anything less is theft. 


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