Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Creating a Plan - What is your LDS Unit doing to get boys to Eagle even if it is after 2020?

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  • What is your unit planning on doing between now and 2020 to get boys to Eagle? The more details you can provide, the better. We need to be networking this issue.
  • Is your unit going to even try to get Scouts to Eagle?
  • What is the plan if the Scouts don't get to Eagle by 2020?

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Unknown said...

I laughed when we were told to "continue" the program until 2020. For my ward (my son's unit) that means continue doing NOTHING just like the last 18 months. No campouts, no scoutmaster conferences, no BOR, no CoH, nothing signed off in the books, no cooking so they can earn the required merit badges. He and his friends want to earn Eagle so parents are looking for an alternative now instead of waiting until 2020.

Buckwheat Picard said...

In a situation like that, I'd look for another troop now as well.