Thursday, June 2, 2016

Uber Ride from Hell

Uber is a cheap alternative to a cab. I have never taken a cab before due to price. When they cancelled Carry the Load, they wanted us to hike back to basecamp to hide from the storm.  If you tell me I am done, don't then make me walk back in the rain. I decided to hire an Uber to carry Christi and I back to our cars since David was gone - I was going to have them drop Christi at her car and then proceed to drop me off at my car. I ordered the Uber at 3:05 AM. The Uber that was dispatched was 4 minutes away.................

30 minutes later I had watched this cab drive literally all over but not to the spot where we were waiting. Then I noticed she had already started to bill me for the ride....... My first Uber wasn't going well.  So finally she found us which with Google Maps isn't really that hard. I mean seriously. It isn't that hard. The app loads a map in for you to use not only to get to the location for pick up but to then get them where they need to go. Ezzy peazzy.

So when we got in I typed in the location of where we need to go and lets just say a 4 minute drive became like a 12 minute ride from hell. Our driver admitted she didn't know the area and then admitted she didn't know what she was doing. We kind of figure that. Then she proceeded to drive like a frackin' bat out of hell in the rain. I seriously was scared for my life. She almost ran 2 stop signs. I look over and Christi is laughing and I am almost crying.

I tried to be nice and offer suggestions. They were sort of overlooked.

A $4 fair ended up bring almost $15. I contacted Uber and the changed the fair to $7. Still not really happy about the whole situation. If I were a driver I would be mortified if I did this.

Needless to say we got to our cars. We survived but I want my $2 back*. Uber I will make you pay!!

* I have been back and forth with Uber all day yesterday. They finally agreed to refund the whole ride. They said this isn't normal or customary but neither was this ride. Thanks Uber for making this right. I mean I almost died!!!!!!

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