Sunday, June 5, 2016

Life Changes

This weekend I had the great opportunity to see three of my Scouts graduate from High School. It is a huge reminder about how old I am getting. It is great to see these three become men and make decisions on what they want to do with life whether that is mission or college. I am very proud of all three. We are getting close to changing what I am called - Brother Fisher to Chad. It is weird when it happens but I have had Scouts move to being a peer. It is great to see it.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a funeral outside of Dallas for a co-worker's son. It is tragic what happened to him but this funeral gave her the opportunity to sort of put closure on a horrible situation and gave some of my co-workers and I the opportunity to support her. She doesn't ask for help ever but during this time she allowed me to me to serve her through making her a bunch of meals and bringing them to her. I am glad she let me serve. It was interesting to see and hear stories of her son. I had only met him 2 or 3 times and he was going through a rough spot in life at the time but it is clear that he was on the road to getting things back together. He looked like he was fun to be around and always had a smile on his face.

After the funeral I was able to celebrate with two of my Scouts at a graduation party. It was interesting to see them walk around and interact with people. Another almost Eagle was there hanging out with them (reminder to self - help fill out his Eagle Rank Application). Eagle is no measure of a boy's greatness for sure but I am glad they saw it through. I am struggling with the fact that my oldest chose not to get his but the choice was his - I think I will always struggle with this. It is very clear that the Scouting program is doing good things and working to make these boys better men. I am actually seeing it. I think about the all the young men that have entered "my" Scouting program and how they have all gone on to be productive and awesome.

One of my graduating Scouts will be having his Eagle Court of Honor this Thursday. Really proud that he finally earned it. He was constantly working on it through the help of awesome parents and a gentle reminder here and there from me to help nudge him to get it done. He did the work. We sure didn't. His project was PERFECT for who he was. I am working on his Trail to Eagle presentation and minus some crappy production value I might not be able to overcome it will be very personal to who he is. I may post it here after the event.

I have a lot to be grateful for. I look at these young men and couldn't be more proud of who they are.

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