Saturday, May 21, 2016

Carry the Load 2016

I again going to be doing Carry the Load this year for Memorial Day. This is last years experience. This year I am not doing as many miles with as much weight but 30 pounds for 30 miles is still a shock to the body.  I am hoping my daughter K will be joining me as she has expressed interest in going this and Goruck events with me. I am sure she will do fine. She is pretty physically stubborn when she puts her mind to it.

This year I have thought and thought about who to walk for and I just keep coming back to Sgt. Enrique Mondragon that I walked for last year. I am friends with this wife and mother on Facebook though I do not personally know them. It is very touching to see their posts often about how they miss him throughout the year. He is obviously very loved and very deserving of having my ruck dedicated to him. 

So earlier this week I decided again that I will dedicate my Sunday afternoon, evening, Monday very early morning and Monday to Sergeant Enrique Mondragon. He should be remembered especially since he grew up right here in the area. 

Memorial bracelet I will be wearing!

Look for an AAR (after action review) after the event!

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