Wednesday, May 25, 2016

All I want to be is a Dad

All I want to be is a Dad. I want to be involved in my kid's lives. Harder for a divorced dad when kid's are in two different locations but still do-able. And I would do anything for them!! When I get last minute notice, I drop whatever I am doing to show my kids I am interested in them and love them (yes, I actually am). I shouldn't be excluded from piano recitals, concerts, get last minute notice on stuff, not be involved in decisions that effect the kids when they are in my home just because I don't live with them. I beg, I plead. I want to be involved. I have the right. I clearly can't be that horrible of a man.

So I wait till they need me..........and try to ignore they only want me when they need me.

To single dads out there my heart breaks for you. Especially if you give half a crap about your kids. My heart is broken.

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