Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Paying It Forward

I like soda. I like soda a lot. Like a lot a lot. Like more than I should. I would be healthier if I could give it up. It does have water in it though so that is how I hydrate. :)

When I go to pick up a fountain drink I usually pay for someone else's drink. I don't tell you this get you undying love. I am sure I already have that. The reason I do it is because it is usually very early in the day and people are still asleep when they show up to get liquid caffeine. It also takes them a minute to realize someone else has paid for their drink and by that time I am usually out the door or in my car pulling out. Sometimes I get caught though. I started this about a year ago and especially love paying for drinks for our police and firefighters. It doubles the price of my drink but for me paying such a small price to brighten someone's day is priceless. Especially when it is so unexpected.

This morning I paid for a guys coffee. He was very well dressed and after our conversation he climbed into his very expensive car. Before I could get out the door our conversation went like this:

Him: Why did you pay for my drink?
Me: Just wanted to.
Him: You paying it forward?
Me: Something like that. I just like doing it.
Him: I guess this means I have to do something nice for someone today. Oh man......
Me: It would be nice. It might brighten someone's day! Have a good day brother!

For me the small things are usually the things that matter to me most. Those who know me, usually family and close friends, know the things I like. I often feel selfish when people serve me or do something nice for me - I almost feel guilty and unworthy. It is something I am personally trying to work through and feel worthy of - others serving me.

I did get my drink free one day. The clerk went to ring me up and asked "Aren't you the guy that usually buys other peoples drinks?" I told her I sometimes do that and she sent me away with a free delicious, ice cold, sugar infused Mountain Dew Code Red. So I guess I have received blessings for doing something nice. I don't often get this returned blessing of a free soda until just recently. It is greatly appreciated!

Pay it forward friends. Selflessness is such a wonderful thing and so uncommon these days!! There are rewards for doing it. So my recommendation is get in line behind me and make sure I know you are there. I will pay for your drink.

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