Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Interesting Turn of Events

In June 2014, I was released as my Ward Varsity Coach.  It was a tough.  I went camping with my Scouts this past weekend and I realize how much I miss them.  I want back in!  Bishopric says no.  I still work in district advancement.  I am now my ward's Executive Secretary.

5 months ago I started with a trial that is the size of a whale.  No need to go into detail other than the support system that has surrounded my kids and I.  I have had friends come out of the woodwork including my own family surround and support most importantly my kids.  I have had some really good days and some really bad days where I just wanted to just go to sleep and not wake up for a few days.  Two friends especially (and their wonderful families) have been ridiculously inclusive including Christmas and New Years.

Due to this trial I have spent more time on my knees, in the scriptures, talking with family and friends and per my Bishop's instruction serving those around me so I can forget myself.

Today I feel like I have so many opportunities in life.  Today I feel like I can overcome anything.  Today I finally feel like I will finally be happy soon.  Today I am extremely happy I have such good friends.  

I will still have trials but it will be OK.


Christy Weenig said...

I love you brother! (Even if you did give me wedgies when I was little)

Evenspor said...

You are a great example to me, Chad.