Thursday, May 1, 2014

More serious or a joker

I thought I had a pretty fun, light, joking personality..............until a conversation with my wife and my Scouts.

I was on the way to my wife's work Christmas Party when I asked if I joked around with her too much.  She told me that I used to joke a lot more than I do but I have gotten more serious.  I didn't know how to take this.  I love to joke and tease (lighthearted and never to really embarrass or mock anyone).  And I can take joking and teasing back.  I take a good share from my friends especially from our Scoutmaster and our Bishop (our Charter Organization Rep). 

So today I shared my conversation that I had with my wife with my Scouts.  And they agreed.  I was shocked.  They said I used to joke and kid and be more like them when I was first called into Scouts.  I know I take my calling serious.  I really do.........but I wonder where I have lost my "love of life".  I wonder if I have lost the zest for life.

Maybe old age has make me more serious.  Maybe the worries of the world have sobered me up.  Maybe I no longer spit the first thing that comes to my mind out and get in trouble.  Maybe I am censoring myself more.  Maybe I just see what Scouting can do for the Scout and for me.

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