Thursday, April 3, 2014

Picking a Philmont Trek

Philmont is all life consuming especially for Scout leaders that are doing this for the first time and with no help.  I am tired.  Philmont may try to kill me before I get there.

Last night we let the boys pick treks.  It was interesting to see them be over confident even though a few of them have been there before.  I am glad the leader that went with some of them was there to remind them how hard it was and it will be.  I saw true boy leadership though last night.  Boy lead it was.  It was awesome.  It took time and was not done like adults might do it but a few boys took the lead and was able to finally help the group pick treks.  Some boys (including me initially) wanted to split into a shorter less stressful trek and a more stressful, longer trek but after some discussion I agree with others that we should split the boys in half by ability and allow them to experience the true nature of Philmont - learning to be a team, evaluating weaknesses and strengths and finally encouraging and be positive with each other.

I heard more than a few boys truly express the perfect attitude about Philmont.  They told me they didn't care how far they hiked but they just wanted to make sure they got to soak in the Philmont experience.  This made me proud as a leader especially hearing it from boys who are struggling in life a bit.

We picked 5 treks and was awarded an 83 mile trek.  This is going to be challenging for our boys.  It is going to be especially challenging for me physically.  83 miles is a lot especially when you think about Mt. Baldy and Tooth of Times.  I am still trying to work on my weight, my work situation and making sure I am positive through out this whole experience.  Physically right now I am more tired than I have been in a while.  My chiropractor doesn't think I should go to Philmont due to my back issues.  My work is going through some significant changes and adaptions due to location change, logistics of what employees due and changes in medicine.  As a Scout leader I am tired.  I want to go through.  I want to go bad!!!

Philmont Scout Ranch Baldy Mountain from Copper Park.jpg

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