Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Camping helps prepare for disasters.

This is a great article by Be Prepared (they sell food storage) on why camping helps you prepare for disasters.  I agree!!!

Overview of the article:
  • You'll get used to sleeping in less than ideal circumstances.
  • You'll learn to eat meals that are easy to cook--or don't require cooking at all.
  • You'll get used to using the "facilities" in less than ideal circumstances.
  • What you deem "necessities" will likely change.
  • You'll have a chance to practice important skills and become more resourceful.
  • You'll learn which kinds of clothing, shoes and outerwear are the best fit for the outdoors and your needs.
  • You'll be more at ease in nature.
  • Your kids (if you have any) won't be quite as freaked out that they aren't sleeping in their own beds.
  • You can get used to finding and treating water before you drink it.
  • You'll be really efficient at getting your camp set up.

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