Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Flag Unseen

Parents of a recent Eagle Scout presented their son with a couple flags at his Eagle Ceremony.  A Texas flag that had been flown over the Texas State Capital and an American Flag that had been flown over the US Capital.  For a boy this might not be much but for me I thought that this is an awesome present.

My flag
My Scouts don't know but I have carried an folded American flag in my hiking backpack and my car camping box for about two years.  It is in a zip lock bag.  For two years this flag has been at every major event with these boys.  It has been a part of their life only they don't know it.  But I do.  Each boy has a part of MY flag.  This flag reminds me of hiking and camping with them - the good experiences and the bad learning experiences.  I have contemplated displaying it.  I wonder sometimes which I like more - a perfectly preserved flag or a worn flag.

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