Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Days other than Veteran's Day

Obviously if you read my blog or know me you know I am a military brat.  I grew up on many Air Force Bases.  It was easy to identify those who served living on a military base or in a military community.  I kind of miss that.  I currently live is a decent size suburb of Dallas where there are not a lot of exposure to those who "wear the uniform".  But I see them.  And I thank them!  I have found them in Walmart.  I have found them at my kid's schools where we are NO WHERE relatively close to a military base!  I see Veterans wearing hats declaring they served during World War II, Vietnam and Iraq.  Look for them.  Find them.  Thank them.

I read a lot of books about war.  I have read War As I Knew It by Patton, American Sniper by Kyle (an AWESOME book), Lone Survivor by Luttrell, Into the Fire by Meyer and a few others.  Most contain some pretty rough language but the insight you get into these men and what they gave up to protect us make me grateful.  Very grateful.

If you have the time, watch this 50 minute video about the 8th of November 1965.

Thank a Veteran on days other than Veteran's Day.  Fly a flag on days other than Veteran's Day.  Thank a soldier ever stinkin' chance you get.  While I personally feel our country's government needs to go back to its roots, our military has always and will forever stand up to defend our freedom.  We have a lot!  We have a lot to be thankful for.

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