Sunday, September 1, 2013

Varsity Coach no more..........?

I was asked today by the COR if I would like to be released as my unit's BSA Varsity Coach.  My over 5 years has definitely had its ups and downs - inheriting a less than loved by leaders program is a down; seeing boys lead an up.  Another huge thing I love is that my boys know I love them and they love me back (future post from current missionary coming).  I complain a lot to my wife about issues and I, embarrassingly, have asked to be released at times because I was tired of beating my head against the wall due to the HUGE lack of parental support, dealing with other leaders/different ideas and my most favorite - doing it the same way we have done it before because of "tradition" or "We do it the LDS way instead of the BSA way..."

I am more of a half empty guy (with a healthy sense of humor) but let me be clear.  I LOVE the Scouting program.  I would never want to be in any other organization the Church uses.  I love my Scouts!  Their ups and downs are my ups and downs.  Our Scouting program is better than ever before.  We have more trained leaders than EVER before.  We are on the upswing.  I love the youth of our Church!

I told the COR even if I am released I would like to stay in the Young Men's program/Scouting program as an assistant.  I don't really want to ever leave but removing some pressure from my shoulders isn't a bad idea either.  I have burned through assistants like no other - 10 in 5 years and am glad to have an assistant that I can actually miss a meeting to attend to my family.

I am still the Varsity Coach.  I am not going anywhere..........for at least two years.  Or until the COR is tired of me and they fire me at any time.

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