Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wood Badge Staff Development and the Temple

My wife and I have been attending the Temple after each of my Wood Badge Staff Development course for Wood Badge 107.  Most of these SD have been help extremely close to the Temple so I just meet my wife there for a date.  I also don't change my clothes into "Sunday best" but I wear my Scout uniform to the Temple.  We have now done this twice and I get some very interesting looks from members of the Church when they see a guy in a Scout uniform walking around.  I personally don't care what they think but Temple workers have asked me a ton of questions about Scouting and it has become an interesting conversation piece.

This past weekend I was sitting in the foyer of the Temple waiting for my sweet wife when a man approached me, called me by name, stuck out his hand for me to shake it and said "Fishgutts, I have 2 boys that I need to have you do Eagle Board of Reviews for."  I didn't recognize him but he introduced himself as a member of one of our close congregations.  He then told me we would call me and he proceeded to enter the Temple.  Within 60 seconds another man called me by name and told me the same exact thing telling me that he was from a different congregation and had one boy that needed me to do another Eagle Board of Review.

It was interesting.  I often wonder if members of our local congregations would recognize me out of my Scout uniform and these unique conversations have led me to believe that people just recognize me in Scout uniform.  I think this connection is awesome and I love it.  I hope that I am doing good in the area for the Scouting program and I am "leaving a legacy".

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