Wednesday, July 3, 2013

See the sky!

First off, I love ITS Tactical's website!!!   While it is geared a lot for ex-military, it has some AMAZING first aid stuff as well as some awesome knot how to's that I have personally loved since I am knot-challenged.  I have constructed one of their pace bead hiking tools and they have tons of stuff on what they consider their essentials and light weight backpacking (some stuff they get from @bfgreen on Twitter - who I personally love his blog too)!  A lot of these skills are great for Scouts!

OK, back on topic.  This is a great article on making sure people (hopefully our Scouts) get the opportunity to see the sky and stars.  We would do well to use the planning that Jeff More uses to make sure that when we return to nature, we actually get to see it in all its awesomeness.  

Personally that is one of the reasons I moved out to a suburb though my stars are starting to go away due to light pollution.  High Adventure was awesome this year on a couple nights and there were stars in the millions.

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