Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Doing the least you can

I read this article and know exactly why it has been written.  There are Troops out there that think they can rewrite advancement policy because they think they are above it.  Their rules are more important than "the" rules.

But what I wanted to comment on is the opposite of this.  Parents and boys who want to count something they did years ago for every single requirement on current work.  Don't get me wrong, I am all for counting stuff you have already done but lets not count every single thing we have done in the past towards our merit badge.  They want the most bang for the buck.  They want to do the least they can to get the most they can.  One experience shouldn't counts for 50 requirements for 50 merit badges.

Things I am tired of hearing...........

"I already did that."
"I have already done that 50 times."
"I did that."
"I am pretty sure I did that."
"I am sure I did that at some point."

If you can't remember it, remember when you did it,WHO you did it with or some kind of recollection of the time frame you did it, forget it.  I ain't passing it off.  And I would love for a boy to have some documentation (i.e. their Scout Book/merit badge book).

My replies.............

"When?  And with who?  What did you learn? Then it should be easy for you to do again."
"When?  And with who?  What did you learn? Then it should be REALLY easy for you to do."
"When?  And with who?  What did you learn?"
"I am pretty sure you might have to do it again."
"I am pretty sure you didn't."

It isn't going to kill a Scout to do something again when we learn from doing things over and over and over again.  A Scout doesn't learn fire making skills and then never use them again.  He doesn't learn how to use a compass and then never pick one up again.  He doesn't learn knots just to only use a square knot to tie everything.

It is more than just passing off requirements to say you have done it.  It is about learning and the journey.

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