Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scoutcraft - Sitting at a Desk

"According to public opinion in Boydom, to sit for four hours a day at a desk indoors is a wretched waste of time and daylight. Did anyone ever know a boy — a normal healthy boy — who begged his father to buy him a desk? Or did any one ever know a boy, who was running about outdoors, go and plead with his mother to be allowed to sit down in the drawing-room? 
"Certainly not. A boy is not a desk animal. He is not a sitting-down animal. Neither is he a pacifist nor a believer in 'safety first,' nor a book-worm, nor a philosopher. 
"He is a boy — God bless him — full to the brim of fun and fight and hunger and daring and mischief and noise and observation and excitement. If he is not, he is abnormal.

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