Thursday, February 21, 2013

Personal Pain and Denial

It is difficult at times to see those you love very much decide to do nothing when you have encouraged them time and time and time again to take the same some sort of action over and over again.  They think by making no decision they won't be accountable but we are long past the time of no accountability.  Action on their part might mean that they must then live with the answers they receive and must be better than they are.  Instead, though, laziness - the same thing they hate about bio-dad.  Survival is used as an excuse but survival with the action we encourage will ensure long term and short term survival.  Teenagers are all screwed up but some of them make it worse on themselves even if you love them unconditionally.

So you keep loving.  And you keep offering solutions including other modes of faith.  Obedience because they know we expect it is great but soon they must live on their own two feet.

I pray for the day when they come to me and tell me thank you.  Maybe they won't.  If they do though, I hope I won't want to say "I told you so."  I am prepared for no thanks.  Parenting sucks a lot of the time.  I hope life doesn't beat them.  Life is much smarter than all of us.  So is the Lord.

When you have done everything including home school, regular school, lecture, Scared Straight programs, loving instruction, be kind, be mean, etc. what else is there to do?  Just hope and pray.......that some day they will see the Light.

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