Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scoutcraft - On Meetings

Principles could be taught by an informal lecture with questions and discussion for about an hour, followed by practical work for another hour.
Sounds like the EDGE method to me!!


Eric the Half-bee said...
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Fishgutts said...

Why did you remove your comment? It was point on!!!

Eric the Half-bee said...

"I'm sorry, but two hours is asking too much for a 'voluntary' 'church' activity. Besides, he has 12 hours of football this week, 4 hours of choir, and... and... Can't you just give a lecture and skip the practical application and those silly games? You know what, skip the skills lecture, and just have them read scriptures for an hour. That should keep them engaged and coming back for more next week. They can't be out after 8:00 on a school night/church meeting anyway. What's that? You're telling me that once they leave the church building they stay out until 11:00 unsupervised anyway? Well, ne'er-you-mind, two hours is still much too long for Myuchal."


From the same book:
"...if you try to preach to them what you consider elevating matter, you won’t catch them. Any obvious 'goody-goody' will scare away the more spirited among them and those are the ones you want to get hold of. The only way is to hold out something that really attracts and interests them. And I think you will find that Scouting does this." --RBP

Tory said...

I love B-P's writings. We would do well to study his methods more.