Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This kind of stuff in the LDS Church drives me nuts.

The only things that are going to be related to the BSA is a service project and it will be at a Boy Scout Camp.  Lets stop painting Church events with a Boy Scout paint brush.

They have already over scheduled the boys.  Dinner at 7 PM!!!


Eric the Half-bee said...

OMYGOSH! OMYGOSH! OMYGOSH! DEVOTIONALS?! FIRESIDES?! HOURSUPONHOURSOFSCRIPTURESTUDY?! IRONING PRACTICE?! SIGN ME UP!!! Wait, wait, no rappelling, no fishing, no canoeing or shooting? No free time? "On second thought, let's not go to Camelot, it's a silly place."

Tory said...

While I like the idea of an activity commemorating the 100 year association of the church and the BSA, I'm not really sure this is it, despite the logo (patch?).

If they want to highlight Scouting, then do it! If they want to highlight mission prep, sure. If they want to do both, great! Just don't pretend to embrace Scouting and then ignore it to do something else.

Allen said...

But there's ditch-digging to do (that can't be done by ANY adult, or with practical tools lest they deprive the youth of the benefit of service. Nope. Adults are their as slave-dr.. I mean, to help keep the youth on task), and there's a life-size Book of Mormon Pageant to sit through, and singing! Lots and lots of singing! What could be better?

Maybe you should give them the benefit of the doubt. I mean it isn't like it's 7 weeks away and they haven't created a list of activities they expect to fill 16 hours worth of valuable time. And it isn't like scouts should be planning their own activities on a campout.

But you really want to have something to roll your eyes over? Check out the terms of use.

Fishgutts said...

Terms of use is a joke........and the website actually violates Church policy by having a non-Church website.

I turn back to my Duty to God post. If we actually put the program in the boy's hands, the boys will lead. It won't be pretty (but it doesn't need to be) but I like it that way.

I am upset about the schedule too.

I am just a complainer...... I think the only reason I haven't been released is I put a pretty face on and pull the company line in front of the boys.

Can I get a raise????