Saturday, February 9, 2013

Scoutcraft - The Failure of Education

In judging of education as in other questions, we have to go by results and not by methods in estimating its success.

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Eric the Half-bee said...

I had a nice discussion with a friend at church yesterday. He's a Jr. High math teacher, with high expectations for his kids. (He's in his first year of full-time teaching, so he's not jaded by the system yet.) He is fully of the opinion that his job is to give kids every opportunity to succeed, and so there's no such thing as late work, and only asks that the kids give their best shot at understanding the concepts. No one fails his class.

We talked a bit about EDGE, a bit of Confucian wisdom, and I mentioned how RBP, in Aids to Scoutmastership, differentiated education from instruction. He nodded knowingly, fully understanding how guided discovery trumps force-feeding every time.

I think that the result RBP is referring to in the above quote is kids empowered to do for themselves, not simple mastery of a + b = c or some such. If only I were in a position to ask him to volunteer full-time with the Youth, who love him and his techniques anyway...