Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eagle Project #2

I have been shot gun contacted by a boy (some emails one month followed by some emails another month followed by some emails in a third month) in June 2012, August 2012 and September 2012 about approving his Eagle Scout Project.  He never could make any of the meeting I offered to sign his paperwork.  So this last week the fall out began when he asked for his Eagle Board of Review.

  • His leaders told him to have me sign his project for approval after the project was completed.
  • He had raised $6000 to buy dental equipment for a non profit to use in a foreign country.
  • Created a program for dental education to be taken to the foreign country to be taught to children.
Only the boy started the actual project before getting my signature.  And completed the project before getting my signature.  And raised money for a group without my signature.  

So the boy must complete another project.

And the blame was placed at my feet because I am "hard to get a hold of" and "don't return emails" even though I have an email chain to prove that I returned every email and then I got no reply for months and weeks.  

So I guess what I have learned is that I need to be hound dog about approving these projects.  I am a bit concerned that in this situation the boy's responsibility has been removed except for having to do another project.  I guess that is enough of a punishment.

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