Sunday, February 17, 2013

Board of Review???

I had a neighboring Scout leader call me to set up an Eagle Board of Review.  I got the certified application and set it up before my regular Scout meeting.

I sat in the parking lot and no one showed.  Not even the leader who scheduled the meeting showed up.  So I gave them the benefit of the doubt and just chalked it up to mis-communication.  On my way out of the Church building after my Scouting meeting someone mentioned to me about the Eagle Board.  I told them it was supposed to be at 6 PM.  He thought it was 8.  He pulled up his email and told me I was right but told me the boy is here waiting for his Board.

Upon further investigation.....

No Board members had been assigned to sit on the Board as there were emails going around in the unit asking to sit on the Board but no takers.  So we had no Board members there to sit and with discussion with the boy he had not reference letters or ambitions letter written.  He was a sweaty from playing basketball with his Crew.

There are two failures here and I know you are not going to like that I don't put most of the blame on the boy.

1.  Where was the Scout leader to coordinate all of this including making sure the boy had read all the requirements and was prepared including all his paperwork?
2.  Why hadn't the boy read the Eagle Rank Application?
3.  Where was the Scout leader??????

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