Monday, November 5, 2012

Yesterday I was released...........

.....................for 45 seconds.  I had so many great plans to do some many great and wonderful things with all my free time.  And then they called me as the Varsity Coach again and the weight flopped back on my shoulders.  That was the most free time I have had in 4 years even if it only was 45 seconds.  :)

Anyway, we got a new YMP and Venturing Adviser.  He was the man that extended the call as Varsity Coach to me.  He went from the Bishopric to HP Group Leader and now YMP.  Interesting round.

I mentioned to my Bishop as we sat around last night trying to participate in our Stake's monthly HAM radio test that I am going to burn out quickly unless I get two things.  One - an assistant worth his salt.  I need someone who is there 99% of the time.  That is my only requirement!  Just be there!  I have two assistants and neither of them make up a full assistant.  Two - a Scout Committee.  I am tired of the paperwork.  I am tired of the begging for a Board of Review.  I am just plain tired of not having the time to mentor and help boys learn to lead more because I have the other "stuff" I must do.

I have been through 3 groups of Scout leaders and the LDS version of "tenure" (which I was told was "at least 10 years") does not exists   I still question why the Lord would want leaders changed out so quickly.    But I am truly grateful for a Bishop that has been to Wood Badge.  I just want leadership to stop changing.  I take my job in Scouts and my job as a youth adviser (youth pastor) very, very, very seriously.  I don't just throw stuff together at the last minute - the boys can tell when stuff is last minute.  I plan.  I prepare.  I pray.  Change is good.  I see that but enough already.

You should have seen the Scouts eyes yesterday when they were told the Scoutmaster and I were being released.  Some were ready to cry and freak out.  Good to know I would be missed.

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