Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Venturing Adviser down! MAN DOWN!!!

Our current Venturing Adviser is no longer the Venturing Adviser.  He is now the Bishop of our congregation.  My walking partner is now the Bishop.  I need to watch what I tell him.  :)

So for the second time in 11 months our congregation is looking for a new Venturing Adviser and a new Young Men's President.  I am excited for my friend who is now serving as Bishop for the second time in his very young life.  I am grateful, again, to have a Bishop who I know and love.  And I am extremely grateful that he is working on his tickets and has been Wood Badge trained.

I sat down 10 days ago to write the now released Bishop a letter to ask him to go to Wood Badge.  And twice I tried to finish it and twice I was told to not to bother.

So as the Scoutmaster, the new Bishop and I sat down last night to break bread with our families the Scoutmaster and I asked each other who would serve as the Venturing Adviser that we could manipulate and get away with doing what we want.  We made a couple suggestions and I emphasized my #1 thought on who this leader should be.  Whoever he should be, he needs to be there 100% of the time.  I know that limits men who travel for work but a good leader is there almost ever time something is going on.  Having a reliable man at Church and Scout meetings 99% of the time is a must.


Tory said...

Isn't change fun? I know what that's like!

I have asked, and begged, and pleaded my bishop to go to Wood Badge and get more involved in Venturing (and the Priest's quorum) without much success. I can imagine how good this will be for those young men.

Fishgutts said...

Could not agree more that this change thought sucks for me a bit (gotta train a new guy and learn how to manipulate him into doing what I want) is VERY good for the boys. Nothing better than knowing your Bishop and being able to go and speak with him about issues or just plain know him personally. I think this is setting up our ward to send about 8 missionaries in about 4-5 years and hopefully that many Eagles within about the next 18 months.

I hate change.