Monday, October 22, 2012

Friends of Scouting Family Chair

This week the brand new District Executive asked me to serve as the FOS Family Chair.  He stated that my enthusiasm for Scouting was the main reason for this job offer.  After consideration and learning a ton about Friends of Scouting, I turned him down.  The amount of time I would have to spend on this project is ridiculous and with me staffing Wood Badge again and trying to focus more energy on my family, this would not have been a wise choice.  I will say that I may have had a change of heart about FOS but I need to see some numbers from our DE before my head is totally changed.


Brian Reyman said...

Regardless of the merits of Friends of Scouting (some are strongly for, some strongly against), you made the right choice. It's hard for some of us to say "No" sometimes, even when we really should. Good job keeping your priorities as your priorities!

Fishgutts said...

Time is love!!